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A Shabby Chic Spruce-Up

Posted by Shabby Chic 24/06/2016 0 Comment(s) That Shabby Chic Feel,

Hold Back...

The easiest, and definitely the quickest way to liven up a room is to give it a lick of paint. But then the immediate decision is what colours? This post we show you a clever paint trick to get your Shabby Chic room just right!

Painting a room is such a boring job, and at times it can feel like your house is your own personal version of the Forth Road Bridge - you just get finished when you have to start again at the other end.
If, like so many others, really can't be chewed about with the thought of having to dust off the paintbrushes, laying out the dust-sheets and 'prepping' a full room, then have we got just the remedy for you.

Get yourself into the cupboard where all of the half-empty pots of paint are stored and take a note of the variety of colours you have available to you. Using a smidgeon of imagination, and not too much time (after all, who has any of that nowadays) you can add a splash of colour and a considerable amount of style to almost any space in your home.

Quite often you simply need to find the space in your home that feels like it lacks a bit of pizzazz. Then carefully plan your way through highlighting set architectural features, such as fire surrounds or delf rails. You could even try complementing it with a quick lick of paint to an old table.

However, stick by the general rule of thumb by sticking to two accent colours, maximum! You're going for subtle, not garish.

Finally, try accessorising the new look room with a few of our range of Shabby Chic Accessories, such as the 5 Hearts Table Lamp, a Wall Plaque, or perhaps a stylish wine-rack.